About Us

You may be curious how a yoga studio gave birth to a boutique. Actually, it didn’t. Business owner, Tara L McGuire, in an unexpected and fatal pandemic, found it necessary to fertilize new possibilities, in an attempt to save the life of her businesses and community.

As a mother of four of her own, a surrogate to one, and doula and child birth educator to many, birthing new life was nothing new.
Through much prayer and meditation, vision for new life began to grow. Tara’s early years in modeling and love of fashion sparked introspection about her love for beauty. Here’s what she has to say about it:
“I’ve always had an above average affinity and incline towards visual beauty - not the kind of beauty that is fake magazine fantasy. It’s the kind of beauty that reflects ease on the eye, contrast in texture, and the feeling you get when you use your god-given eyes to gaze upon it. Sight is a gift and it should be romanticized and appreciated at every opportunity if you are blessed with sight. From my home and work environments to my wardrobe, I put effort into creating resulting joy for myself. It’s my desire that everyone create a beautiful life. And that is how I chose the name La Bella Vita.”