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Stay in or step out; but do it in style.


Beautiful Awaits

Treat yourself to flatering and uplifting pieces that will breathe life into your wardrobe, and your day.

Best place to find that funky fresh style that will not only boost your wardrobe but your spirit too.


This is the best place to shop for women's clothes in Gresham. All of the bralettes are so comfortable and cute! I literally wear one every day. I can tell that each piece was chosen by hand to complement the collection, and I love the focus on seasonal fashion. Also, there's something for everyone as the different pieces vary quite a bit in fabric, price point, look, and fit while a cohesive style ties the collection together- feminine sophistication that's comfortable, fresh, and current!


Lots of stylish clothes to choose from; contemporary, casual and chic clothes and great prices. Treat yourself to some style.  Great for gifts too; purses, shoes, belts, socks, jewelry, and more!